Better value for both customers and developers

Our customers are offered wide-ranging discounts, while developers enjoy reduced service charges. It’s our way of giving back since the early days of our app store business.

Customer discount



Developer friendly revenue share



Groundbreaking fee structure

A 30% service charge has long been the global industry standard of the app store business. We reduced the fee to 20%, while easing restrictions to accept the developer’s preferred payment system (5% service charge). In turn, developers can return the value to customers and provide a win-win opportunity for platforms, developers, and consumers.

ONE store's payment

80 : 20

Developer's own payment

95 : 5

Greater revenue for developers

Developers can expect increased revenue from a widened customer pool, as well as cost savings from lower service charges. Launching your app on ONE store can lead to an additional 20% in revenue, and additional 27% margins on average.